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Suhail Doshi

Mixpanel’s Segmentation reports are a powerful tool companies use to learn how specific groups of their customers interact with their product. Our Segmentation reports are the number one reason our customers choose to work with us. It is what sets us apart from every other analytics company.

We’ve made it easy for a company with a video-sharing app to use Segmentation to see the age breakdown of people who have watching a video or the geographic breakdown of where the people that have watched a video are located.

We are constantly investing in making Segmentation even more powerful so a company can understand the kinds of people that use their products. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of noise. Going back to that video-sharing app example, wouldn’t it be great for them to just know precisely who their audience that uploads videos is?

Today, we’ve made it much easier for a company to cut through the noise and answer that question much, much faster with the addition of a second dimension to our Segmentation reports. The ability to segment by another dimension transforms the audience question to something much simpler: “Where did people come from and how old are they if they upload a video?”

Now, Mixpanel can deliver a significantly more valuable answer that the company can then use to take action such as better targeting their marketing spend to reach the audience that is most engaged with their product.

When we first launched Segmentation two years ago we made a big bet and uprooted our existing technology in order to build the product we offer today. That investment in our technology is what makes it possible for us to add a second dimension. Our bet is paying off in both how it allows us to quickly extend our product line to be more powerful than our competition and driving our massive growth.

Were going to keep investing in making it even more powerful.

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