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Mixpanel + Ruby on Rails = Wonderful

Suhail Doshi

Last week Patrick McKenzie of http://www.bingocardcreator.com did a great
writeup on using Mixpanel with Ruby on Rails – you should take a look!


There are a couple of choice bits about analytics in general as well:

Why You Should Use Analytics

The fundamental reason you want to use analytics is because it lets you know
how your customers interact with your site and that this drives
about your site design, future business directions, and the

You might say “Wait, why don’t I just talk to customers?” You should talk to
your customers, but customers:

  • have more important things to do than talk to you
  • are not experts about your site
  • misremember things
  • resent being tested on like rats in a twisted science experiment (“Would
    you hit this bar for cheese more if it was green, or blue?”)

Analytics has none of these problems. The data you collect:

  • is always there, waiting for your analysis
  • is totally expert on use of your site
  • is as accurate as your collection method
  • has no issue with answering arbitrary, inane questions

It’s fantastic to see people using analytics to drive their business forward.

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