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New Feature: Export Your Data to CSV

Suhail Doshi

You can now easily export all of your beloved data into excel. In the Events
tab, there is a small excel icon in the bottom right corner of the main graph:


When you click on the icon the data will automatically be downloaded to excel.
This works for any type of graph.

HereÂ’s the file from the above graph. The name of the file reflects the value
of the numbers in the “count” column. This is showing the number of unique
actions per month for each property:


The title of each column is always displayed in the first row. The property
value corresponds to those shown in the graph legend above. If we were to only
export the event “upgrade” with no properties, then the “property” and
“property value” columns wouldn’t be there.

The retention file looks a bit different:


The data points are grouped by their start date (colored here for
clarification). As you go down the list, the number of weeks later decreases
by 1 as the time periods become more recent.

ThatÂ’s about it for CSV exporting, we hope you enjoy it!

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