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New graphs, project data reset, and more

Suhail Doshi

We’ve been pushing out some quiet product updates recently, and the time has
come to actually tell you about them!

Bar graphs

You asked for it, so we recently added a ‘bar graph’ view for properties data.
This is often better than a pie chart for this type of data – it’s easier to
figure out relative differences via height rather than slice size. It’s
particularly useful for ordered values, because it will then be very close to
a distribution graph.

Here’s what it looks like:


Reset project data

This is something else people have been clamoring for for quite a while and we
finally have an elegant solution. Just click a button on your projects
dashboard, and all of the data will be cleared out of your project. The token
and api keys stay the same – all that is reset is the data.


Enhanced tooltips

This change is small but awesome. Tooltips on our line graphs now show the
percent change from the previous point – check it out:


We’ve got some more cool stuff coming out soon – stay tuned.

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