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New Ruby & PHP libraries

We’ve released new, full featured Ruby and PHP libraries to make integration easier for new Mixpanel customers and to help our existing customers scale their installations. If you are currently using our HTTP API in your Ruby or PHP app, then please have a look!

While our client-side JavaScript library is still the best way to track user behavior in your web applications, sometimes you want to track something while the user isn’t around. For example, when you run your billing code in the middle of the night, when you send users email messages from your servers, or if you’re tracking something not related to users at all, like server uptime or reboots.

Both the new Ruby library and new PHP library are designed to get you started tracking events and updating people analytics profiles right away, but they’re also designed with scaling in mind- when the time comes for you to queue events, or move your IO into a separate process from your tracking, you’ll be able to do this with no change to your tracking code.

Both libraries are open source, so you can view and change the code (and maybe contribute your changes to the community 🙂 ).

For more information (including how to install the libraries), check out

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