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New ways to personalize your email templates

The ability to easily send personalized, relevant emails to your customers based on the actions they take in your app or on your web site is what makes Mixpanel Notifications great. But we heard from a number of our customers that they don’t always have all the information they need to make their customers emails as personalized as they’d like. We heard you and have now added some new features to address this. You can now send personalized emails even when you don’t have a customer’s name or when you have an inconsistent set of properties for your people profiles.

Here’s a quick set of tips to get started:

To include the value of a property in your email, surround the name of the property with double brackets, like this: {{ $first_name }}.

You can also provide fallback values if not all of your profiles have the same properties. For example:

Hello There, {{ $first_name|fallback:”You” }}!

You can even show different content based on the presence of property values. For example:

{% if $first_name %}

Hello, {{ $first_name }}

{% else %}

You haven’t told us your name, yet.

{% endif %}

You can use any UTF-8 string as a property name, but if your property name contains spaces or non-alphanumeric characters, you will need to surround it with ‘${}’ in your tags. For example:

{{ ${Last Seen} }}


{% if ${Never Used Feature} %}

Why don’t you try our great new feature?

{% endif %}

To get more details visit the new doc in our help center.

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