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Re-engage users based on what they do

Mixpanel People is a powerful way to connect with your users and drive engagement. Now you can send notifications to your users based on all of the events you already send to Mixpanel. Available now for Push, Email, SMS, and Webhook notifications.

Send targeted notifications to your users

With Mixpanel’s People platform, you can target users based on the actions they take in your application. Here are some examples of how you can use this:

  • Send a push if a user exercised 5 times in their first 30 days
  • Send an email if a user has only logged in 1 time in the last 7 days
  • Send a SMS if a user hasn’t chatted with another user yet

Easy to Use

It is extremely easy to use this functionality: you can retroactively use all the events that you send to Mixpanel. Start by going to the Notifications tab, then selecting your notification type and notification message. Now it is time to choose your user targeting.

Choose any combination of Events and People properties that give you the granularity you desire. With Events, you have the ability to select a time window and the number of times the action was performed. With both Events and People, you can target the exact set of users to maximize your impact.

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