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Samsung dominates Android in October 2013

Samsung is far and away the dominant Android device manufacturer. In October 2013 Samsung devices accounted 63% of all activity on Android OS devices according to the Android manufacturers report on Mixpanel Trends.

But activity and marketshare are two different things. According to IDC Samsung had a 39% share of the Android smartphone market in Q2 2013. That’s head and shoulders above the other device manufacturers who make Android smartphones. No other single device manufacturer accounted for more than 10% of total Android marketshare.

But marketshare is simply devices in hand, it does not equal active engaged people using those smartphones. This is where Mixpanel’s activity based data comes in.

People with Samsung Smartphones are the Most Active

Samsung share of Android smartphone activity is almost 2x their market share in Q2 2013. In Q2 2013, 56.67% of total Android smartphone activity took place on Samsung devices compared to their 39% market share according to IDC.

The Android device manufacturer with the second largest market share according to IDC is LGE with 6.5% of the Android market in Q2 2013. According to Mixpanel’s data LGE devices accounted for 7.20% of all Android activity. Their market share and activity numbers are less than 1% apart. It’s also worth noting that HTC, Sony and Motorola are next up in the activity stakes with 7.11%, 5.66%, and 5.53% of total Android activity, respectively, in Q2 2013.

If you take the Samsung activity numbers at face value, this means that the people with Samsung smartphones are almost twice as active on their devices as people with other Android smartphones. So is that true across all Samsung smartphones or are there just a few devices driving this high level of activity?

Samsung’s Hero Devices: Galaxy S3 & S2

Samsung is known for manufacturing a huge range of Android smartphones. But when you look at where the activity was focused in Q2, just three Android smartphones accounted for almost 50% of their total activity. The Samsung Galaxy S3 had the largest share at 24.37%, followed by the Galaxy S2 with 16.76% and the Note 2 with 9% of total activity. While this chart does not show the long tail of Samsung Android devices, each of those accounts for a very small percent of their total activity number.

Samsung’s lead is widening

Just looking at Q2 2013 does not give the full picture as we are now in Q4 and things change quickly. In the past eight months–March through October 2013– Samsung’s share of Android smartphone activity has more than doubled. They are gaining steam.

When you take Samsung’s outsize share out of the chart, it’s clear that LGE, HTC and Sony also saw their share more than double over the same time period. But their base is much smaller and none of them appear to be breaking out to challenge Samsung’s dominance.

The data in this report is based on an aggregated set of the more than 16 billion actions analyzed by Mixpanel each month. In Mixpanel, an action is defined by our customers and can be anything from logging in to an app to making a purchase or finishing a level in a game. This report focuses on activity on smartphones running the Android Operating System. The report analyzes actions during April, May, and June 2013.

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