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Silent improvements but we’re still here.

Suhail Doshi

Though sometimes it does not look like it, we’re constantly improving
Mixpanel. We constantly are deploying code to production and some of those
vast improvements never are noticeable to anyone except us.

A big part of what we’re doing is improving site reliability and availability
as we scale to extremely large amounts of data. This month alone data grew
well over 185% from last month.
For us that’s a huge and a big challenge (of
course many more to come at this current rate).

Last month we hit a wall with large customers who came in and hammered us with
data. It took us a few weeks to cope and get back to absolute real-time
performance but we did it. We focused this month on making sure things stayed
up and taking great pains to avoid bad situations where a few customers could
affect the rest of you. We also focused on improving the efficiency at which
we can process data; we’re so much faster at it. Every great scaling problem
improves site reliability by an order of magnitude once we’re through it.

We’re here to let you know that this month we’ll be back to focusing a lot
more on adding things to our product (i.e. features). We have so many things
in the pipeline so stay tuned and feel free to let your voice be heard in the
comments. While we may not submit to every feature request, we definitely are
listening and the frequency at which we hear the call for some features does
effect our decision making in what to build.

We have an extremely clear road map ahead of us and I think you’ll all be very
pleased to see what we have coming. A huge improvement to funnels is coming
soon…very soon and an upgrade in performance with viewing properties in the
reports is coming.

If you ever have a question or problems integrating Mixpanel please email us
at Additionally, if
you’re interested in working on extremely challenging engineering problems
please consider working for us:


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