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The rise of Jellybean

If you are concerned about fragmentation of the Android OS stop looking at KitKat and instead take a dive into Jellybean. Yes, activity on KitKat is still at less than 1% almost two months after it was released. But that’s trying to force a comparison to iOS that’s apples to oranges. Instead look at the rise of Jellybean over the last six months.

Jellybean up & Gingerbread down

In May 2013 Gingerbread & Jellybean were the dominant versions of the Android OS accounting for 68.79% of total Android OS activity. Compare that to November 2013 to date where the Gingerbread & Jellybean versions of Android account for 78.69% of total Android OS activity. That matches the 78% of total iOS activity on iOS7 as of today.

May 2013

November 2013

What’s incredible to see over this six month time window is the drop in activity on Gingerbread and the corresponding rise in activity on Jellybean.

In May 2013 Gingerbread was the dominant version of the Android OS accounting for 30.37% of total Android OS activity. Compare that to November 2013 to date where Gingerbread only accounted for 16.75% of total Android OS activity. That’s a drop of almost a half.

In May 2013 Jellybean was already the dominant version of the Android OS with 38.42% of activity. But by November that jumped to reach 61.94% of all Android OS activity on this single version of the OS.

Ice Cream Sandwich slowly melting

This version of the Android OS saw an almost 10% decrease in activity over the past six months going from 27.48% of total activity in May 2013 to 18.61% of total activity in November 2013.

Froyo, Eclair, & Honeycomb have gone to their sweet resting place in the sky

Developers no longer need to put energy against supporting the Froyo, Eclair, and Honeycomb versions of Android as they account for less than 2% of total Android OS activity in November 2013. That’s down from 3.45% in May 2013.

Check out the reports on Mixpanel Trends to see the data for yourself. This report is based on an aggregated set of the more than 16 billion actions analyzed by Mixpanel each month. In Mixpanel, an action is defined by our customers and can be anything from logging in to an app to making a purchase or finishing a level in a game. This report focuses on activity on smartphones running the Android Operating System. The report analyzes actions during May and November 2013.

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