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Trends: Helping the world learn from data

We help our customers learn from their data by giving them insight into how their customers use their products. This helps companies from DocuSign to TaskRabbit to Dollar Shave Club make better decisions and grow their business. But there is still a need for good access to a broader set of data that can help answer their questions on what’s the desktop and mobile industry.

We are launching Mixpanel Trends to democratize data. It will give everyone, from small startups to big established companies, access to data that will help them answer critical questions and help in their decision making process. Trends features interactive charts with real-time data to give actionable insight into major trends in consumer activity and how those trends are changing over time.

We’re starting with a set of six reports that answer basic questions that people ask every day and over time plan on adding new reports that get at even more interesting insights.

Here are some of the questions the reports on Mixpanel Trends can help you answer:

How are activity levels on desktop computers and mobile devices are changing over time? Check out the Desktop vs. Mobile report.

Which platform should my app launch on first? How do activity levels on Android and iOS compare today and how are they changing over time? Check out the Android vs. iOS report.

Are consumers still quick to update the version of the OS on their Apple devices? Check out the iOS Versions report.

What version of the Android OS has the most consumer activity today? Check out the Android OS Versions report.

Which device manufacturers have the largest share of the Android OS market? Check out the Android Device Manufacturers report.

Developing a product with a local focus and need to know what cities in the US drive the most Internet activity across desktop and mobile? Check out the Top US Cities report.

The data in the Trends reports are based on an aggregated set of the more than 6.5+ billion actions analyzed by Mixpanel each month. In Mixpanel, an action is defined by our customers and can be anything from logging in to an app to making a purchase or finishing a level in a game. Our more than 600 customers are businesses that use Mixpanel to understand how their combined 50 million customers use their mobile app, mobile site or desktop site.

We created Trends to help you learn from data. One report at a time.

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