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Turning on the Data

Last edited: Aug 29, 2022 Published: Oct 11, 2012

So you’ve signed up for a Mixpanel account, and you’ve even put our JavaScript snippet in the of your site, but you’re still seeing this message:

What the heck is going on?

It turns out you’re doing everything right. You just need to take the next step and send us some events. The JS snippet doesn’t actually send any events to your Mixpanel project – it simply makes it possible to send events to your Mixpanel project. To send your first event, you’ll want to add the following code to your site where you want to track a specific event:

“Event Name” is a placeholder here for anything you want to name your first event. Now, when you load this page, you should see the event populate into your Mixpanel project. Fresh data! Now get a trackin’!

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