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View and compate your top events

Suhail Doshi

We’ve made Segmentation a whole lot better, and we’re excited to share all the updates we’ve made:

See an overview of your top events

We’ve made it possible to see an overview of the highest volume events that your users take in your app. It can help you see spikes in your data, and it’s just a convenient way to get a snapshot of how things are going.

Top events in Segmentation

Compare trends more easily

Comparing two or more different events is now possible, so you can analyze the correlation between events. Just click the compare menu option after picking the first event.

Compare events in Segmentation

Plot your data in logarithmic scale

It can often be tough to compare two trends if one event or segment dwarfs another or if your app takes off and creates a big spike in your metrics because the big differences in scale make it hard to see what’s going on. With a logarithmic scale, you’ll be able to compare and correlate different event trends more easily across large ranges of values. Look for the logarithmic scale in the chart options dropdown.

Compare spiky data

Create a Custom Event

Sometimes you need to create complex groups of users – ones who performed multiple different actions or are made up from different segments. For example, maybe your definition of an engaged user is someone who “Liked” a photo and “Commented” on someone’s profile. You can now analyze this group of users over time by creating a Custom Event.

To learn more, check out our blog post on Custom Events

Sticky filters when switching between events

Previously in Segmentation, if you segmented and filtered your data using properties (maybe you specified an age range, device type, or a certain referrer) and switched to another event, you would have to start over. This no longer happens and we improved this so you can be more efficient if you frequently are digging into your data.

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