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Mixpanel Android, iOS and JavaScript updates

Using an older version of our Android, iOS and JavaScript tracking libraries? ItÂ’s time to update. WeÂ’’ve made a number of significant changes over the past several months to give you access to more data and reduce the amount of work you have to do to get what you want out of Mixpanel.

New automatic device level data

All versions of the Mixpanel libraries now automatically include more information with every event sent. This includes device level data– manufacturer, model, brand and screen size–as well as city and state level geographic data and the version of your application.

Consistent libraries across platforms

We know that more of our customers are using us to learn from their data on their separate apps and sites, so weÂ’ve changed the lib interface to make it more consistent across iOS, Android and JavaScript libraries. By reducing the inconsistencies across platforms–such as harmonizing method and property names across libraries–weÂ’re making it easier for you to track the same events.

Improved support for push notifications

The newest versions of the libraries have the ability to auto send device tokens. Now instead of doing the manual work yourself you can auto send your customers device tokens to Mixpanel with one simple call so you can deliver targeted push notifications using our web interface.

Download the Android, iOS and JavaScript libraries today and update the Mixpanel code in your app in your next upgrade cycle. You can access all the libraries here.

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