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We now visualize numeric data better

Suhail Doshi

We just released the ability to view any segments that might be numeric. In
the past you always passed us strings or we told you to pass us a distribution
yourself (which is more work). Now you can pass us the raw age, number of
invites sent, or video length time and we will handle that number correctly
and show you an amazing distribution!


This graph shows how slow/fast response time takes when you load a graph on
Mixpanel with our new segmentation feature. You can see that 13% of them
happen to get loaded between 600-650ms. This is just a quick example of what
you can do with our new distribution graphs. Enjoy!

Please note, we can handle whole numbers (age) and those with decimals

On another side note: You can now save segments you create and see who made them.


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