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Introducing Web Notifications

At the beginning of this year, Mixpanel released mobile in-app notifications, providing Android and iOS developers with a channel for seamless, beautiful communication with their users. The capability to deliver targeted messages to app users, all without writing any code, has proven so useful that we’ve now brought the experience to the web as well. With In-App Notifications for Web, you can keep your site’s users abreast of new developments and important announcements with a variety of multimedia message styles.

Web notifications can come in two main formats, a large front-and-center “takeover” notification:

Takeover notification

Or a “mini” pop-up notification:

Mini notification

Both come in ready-to-use light and dark flavors, with a palette of pre-made icons as well as the option to upload your own. For more extreme customization needs, you can even override our notification styles in your site’s CSS. The notification builder allows you to preview how your messages will look against your own web pages, for a hassle-free design process with quick feedback.

An exciting web-only addition is the option to show videos to users after they click on your notifications:

Notification video

As with all notifications from Mixpanel, you automatically gain the benefits of our advanced analytics engine. Web notifications can be targeted at specific user segments, A/B tested, analyzed for performance with respect to your conversion goals, scheduled for later delivery or based on a user’s timezone, turned on and off at will, etc.

To get started creating web messages, in Mixpanel’s Notifications tab (available to People Analytics users), create a new notification and select In-app message:

New notification menu

From there, choose “Web” to create a message specifically for your web users. Note that in order to display in-app notifications to users, your site must be using a recent version of the Mixpanel JavaScript SDK (see for the appropriate embed code).

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