XO Group democratizes data to build a better product

XO Group Inc., parent company of The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump, democratizes data across their data science, product, and marketing teams to build a better product.

XO Group

Planning a wedding, cohabiting with your significant other, or expecting a newborn? If so, chances are you’ve already discovered XO Group. With The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump, XO Group brands help make these important lifetime milestones stress-free and enjoyable.

XO Group has always emphasized the importance of analytics to ensure their apps continually provide the best user experience. As a leading lifestyle brand, XO Group has a very savvy development team, but this did not necessarily make choosing an analytics strategy an easier decision. As XO Group grew, they found clunky commerce focused analytics tools were not agile enough to provide instant insight to the team.

As XO Group continuously expands its product offerings across life’s most important moments, the team has employed analytics tracking to determine how best to deliver each app to their respective user base. Jon Hawkins, Director of SEO and Analytics for XO Group, pointed out, “Because our users are interacting with our content across multiple platforms, we needed a solution to view our data across these platforms. Mixpanel has become one of our solutions.”

Analytics for all

By incorporating Mixpanel, XO Group was able to scale to their analytics goals more quickly and focus on making the best possible lifestyle apps while Mixpanel focused on getting them real-time, actionable data.

Their team of data scientists, are now able to leverage Mixpanel to empower every internal team to use data to make smarter decisions. It’s what we at Mixpanel refer to as democratizing data. At XO Group, that means it’s not only data scientists working with Mixpanel, but also Product and Marketing people on both their web and mobile teams.

Build a better product

XO Group is able to iterate quickly on product features because of Mixpanel’s real-time functionality. Through tracking of attribution sources, the team recognized that contrary to their initial assumption, “Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest were not what users used to share content shared through our apps. Rather, people were sharing more frequently via email and iMessage,” said Jon.

With this finding, the team more prominently displayed the option to share content via email and iMessage, allowing users to more easily share their finds, whether it be their favorite wedding dress or must-have stroller.

Share via Email iMessage

Mixpanel has helped XO Group to improve and simplify features users love and rely on during their most important life moments.

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