Mixpanel for enterprise
8 reasons to upgrade to enterprise

The only analytics plan you can’t outgrow

We’ve made it easier than ever to manage Mixpanel at large organizations. 

  • SSO and advanced access controls

  • Dedicated customer success

  • Access to all advanced reports

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Single Sign On

Log into Mixpanel securely with your IdP of choice

Connect your SSO with Mixpanel using Okta, One Login, G-Suite, and more to automatically grant Mixpanel access to new employees and revoke access from old ones with just a few clicks.

Enhanced Mixpanel Support

Get tailored support and assistance

You can opt in to different levels of support from our award winning support team with live chat, or faster response SLAs, as well as the option for a dedicated customer success person helping you make the most of Mixpanel.

Mixpanel customer success
Experiments Report

Identify successful A/B tests and variants

Find out how your experiments and their variants impact key product metrics. Evaluate statistical significance and lift over time to be confident in your findings. 

Flexible Pricing

Get adjustments for seasonal traffic

Prefer events based pricing? Get a lot of seasonal traffic? Might need to upgrade mid-year? Mixpanel’s Enterprise plan lets you customize your pricing structure to fit your business and product needs.

Signal Report

Find what actions correlate with user success

Surface strong correlations between key user behaviors and metrics that predict user success or failure. Use the findings to improve the user experience and boost user engagement, conversion, and retention.

Team, user and report-level permissions

Set permissions individually or in bulk

Control permissions at the team level, individual user level, or by report, to determine who has access to what data and admin privileges.

Choose from five different roles, ranging from owners (full control) to consumers (view-only). To manage permissions in bulk, create a Team and set their permissions across multiple projects.

Data Views & Sensitive Data Classification

Restrict access to sensitive data

Data Views lets you create pre-filtered subsets of data in each project to help keep your implementation clean. Plus, you can classify specific data as sensitive so only those who need it have access.

Early Beta Access

Be the first to access brand new features

Gain access to additional Mixpanel features and functionality before they go public. Plus, pass on your feedback and ideas directly to our product team to help shape future features in ways that solve your specific needs.