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Early-Stage Startups: Apply for the Startup Program and get US$50,000 in credits towards the Mixpanel Growth plan!

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US$3,000 Mixpanel Credits Up For Grabs!

Powerful, self-serve product analytics helps you to convert, engage, and retain more users. Get US$3,000 in Mixpanel credits with the promo code 3k Offer – PTSyd and start analysing user data with our Growth plan!

  • Credits can be used to purchase any number of MTUs and add-ons within the Growth plan.
  • Offer available to new customers only.
  • Credits expire 6 months from the date of issuance.

To be able to self-serve insights and make quick decisions means we can try and take advantage of our smaller scale. It’s about being able to leap, grow, repeat—get something out there, review it, make a decision on whether we need to iterate on it, go again, or fail fast.

Mike Salway Principal Product Manager

Understand your users’ behaviour better

Get real-time data on how people use your product that’s easy to understand. Plus, define KPIs like “onboarding completed,” based on key events like “account created, profile created, and 3+ messages sent.”

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Find trends in your data

Once you’re tracking the metrics that matter to your team, see how KPIs trend over time. Maybe you discover that the onboarding rate is dropping, which signals there’s room to improve.

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“Mixpanel is easy enough to use so you can provide access to any member of any team…It hasn’t just been beneficial only for our product and marketing teams; it’s helped other parts of our business as well, which was something we didn’t originally expect”

Keal Wilson Growth Marketing Team Leader