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When data gets messy, teams stop trusting analysis. Mixpanel’s data governance tools make it easy to keep data clean. Which is why, among other reasons, 80% of head-to-head evaluations end with teams selecting Mixpanel over Amplitude. It’s time to raise the bar for data trust. 

Engage, Convert, and Retain
Engage, Convert, and Retain

The ability to understand what different data points represent is critical to data democratization across our teams. Mixpanel has made it easy for us to manage our data so we can change event names and definitions as needed, and clean up implementation issues without requiring engineering resources.

Tom Markworth Sr. Director of Product

Built for speed

From startup to tech giant, companies choose Mixpanel over Amplitude to analyze some of the largest datasets in the world. Built on an enterprise-grade foundation, our platform features a blazing-fast and delightful user experience. Because you can’t build the next unicorn without data.

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All the features you need. And then some.

Build conversion funnels, segment retention trends, and analyze impact with causal inference. Mixpanel gets you all the essential product analytics features, plus extras like data modeling that power users love.

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Integrated with your tech stack

We offer 50+ integrations so you can connect all your favorite tools, and scale reliably, no matter your tech stack. And with Mixpanel’s Cloud Import, you can bulk-import events and profiles with minimal data cleaning. 

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