Comarch Software Surged in Value and Customer Loyalty With Mixpanel - Mixpanel

Business IT software distributor, Comarch, uses Mixpanel to understand how customers use its products to help increase engagement, sales, and loyalty.

35% avg email open rate
Increased sales
More brand loyalty

With Mixpanel, I can see what’s happening in our systems and react to users’ issues in real time.

Piotr Kania, Cloud Sales Specialist at Comarch

Comarch is one of the largest producers and distributors of business IT software. With more than 6,000 employees worldwide, it supports customers in more than 100 countries. The company’s customer portfolio is comprised of businesses in most major industries including, finance and banking, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, public administration, utilities, retail, and consumer goods. Navigating Comarch’s global, multi-company structure is complex. Piotr Kania, a software solutions specialist, said, “Because we’re in so many different markets at once, we have a lot of challenges and many different timelines.”


“When I’m working, Mixpanel is almost always open,” said Piotr Kania. Customer experience managers at Comarch identified areas they set out to improve, such as boosting sales performance and reducing churn. But the company’s size complicated seemingly easy objectives. Team leaders had to find a data mining and analytics tool that could make sense out of Comarch’s vast user base. Piotr Kania, who also works with customers who use Comarch’s cloud products said, “With Mixpanel, I can see what’s happening in our systems and react to users’ issues in real time.” It’s exactly what the customer experience teams needed at exactly the right time.

Increasing customer loyalty

Comarch solutions specialists set out to create a proactive messaging campaign. First, they used Mixpanel insights reports to identify users who needed help and tips. “In our automated communication we’re providing step-by-step instructions that help us increase customer satisfaction, and thanks to Mixpanel, we can provide proactive support for our customers.” After emailing users step-by-step instructions, Kania and his colleagues continued analyzing customer behaviors. A new insights report revealed a surge in activity. Up until that point, customers got help with their Comarch software only after requesting assistance. After Comarch implemented a Mixpanel Messages campaign, email open rates hit 30 to 40%. “We’re still at the beginning,” said Piotr Kania. “But thanks to Mixpanel, we’re doing so much better than before.”

Boosting sales performance

Something as simple as providing assistance proactively (as opposed to “reactive” assistance) was beneficial for Comarch and customers. Increasing the value of its software products has a direct link to improved sales performance. “When you’re providing support to customers, it’s a good time to upsell because users can actually see more value for their business,” said Piotr Kania. “When I’m giving them support, demonstrating how their software works and ways to make it easier to use, my customers are more likely to buy a product I recommend.” Those customers are also less likely to ditch Comarch software and go looking for alternatives.

Mixpanel has helped us provide better customer service. I don’t go to my Mixpanel account on certain days—I use it every day. Everyone on the team is very happy with Mixpanel’s tools.

Piotr Kania, Cloud Sales Specialist at Comarch

Comarch has been using Mixpanel for three years, and so far, is thrilled with the results. After finding success with its email open rates, the company’s next step is to optimize existing functionality across several business software products. The targeted email notification project has been so successful in improving customer support and increasing value for users, solutions specialists are eager to add even more events into their Mixpanel messaging campaigns.


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