FACEIT builds a better player experience | Customer Success Story - Mixpanel

Gaming platform, FACEIT, discovered deep user insights in Mixpanel and used them to design a better player experience and increase retention.

12% increase in first-match players
3X more A/B tests performed
Lower maintenance costs

Mixpanel has proven to be a very useful tool both for our UX, product, and marketing teams and has allowed us to gain additional insights into how our players navigate the platform,

Maria Laura Scuri, Director of Operations, FACEIT

FACEIT is the leading gaming platform for online multiplayer competitors. The site hosts more than 15M gamers of all skill sets, including those competing in leagues, tournaments, and ladders. The online eSports community allows players to track and improve their gaming stats, interact with like-minded gamers, and compete for real prizes. FACEIT also hosts professional online competitions and tournaments. 


Since FACEIT is part of a fairly new, rapidly growing industry, and it’s composed of a younger user base, operations teams didn’t have the luxury of learning from historic insights or even tapping into the experience of category leaders. In order to continue growing, Maria Laura Scuri, director of operations at FACEIT, wanted to find an easy way to track events on a deeper level. 

Platform navigation is key for player experience and usability on FACEIT. So design teams set out to improve the overall user experience by optimizing the site’s interface and navigation. To that end, project managers set out to study user behaviors and analyze drop-off points so they could identify solutions for improving the platform.


Maria Laura and her team needed a solution with granular event tracking that was easy to use. While other providers made them choose between a trendy UI and customizable tracking, Mixpanel fulfilled their search criteria and was the most complete package on the market. “Mixpanel not only provided our Product Managers with a friendly and easy to use UI, but also allowed us to send notifications, emails and run A/B test experiments. This saved us time and money” said Maria Laura. FACEIT combines Mixpanel data with BigQuery to get a complete view of their users, all in one place.

Improving user flows and reducing drop-offs

FACEIT used Mixpanel to track events on a granular level so PMs could understand how players experienced the platform. Using Mixpanel’s Flows tool, team leaders identified common paths users take on the site and then conducted A/B tests to validate their proposed solutions. These steps resulted in significant improvements to many core funnel designs.

Thanks to the ease at which Mixpanel integrates with BigQuery—a platform-as-a-service that enables analysis of large datasets—FACEIT project managers were able to link and crunch large pools of data to obtain clarity on user drop-off points. 


Increasing retention and conversion

To drive retention and conversion amongst active players, FACEIT took a look at possible A/B tests they could run. After correlating the data they had available on BigQuery with insights from Mixpanel’s Flows feature, PMs realized they had a suboptimal first-time user dashboard UI. FACEIT responded by reducing dashboard “noise” (inundating users with less information) and soon, the number of players joining game queues began to rise. Overall retention went up on the platform and the number of new users playing their first game grew 12%.

With Mixpanel on one side and BigQuery on the other, we have a more streamlined workflow and save a ton of time combining datasets,” said Maria Laura. “The integration has been hugely impactful for our business.

Maria Laura Scuri, Director of Operations, FACEIT

Leveraging Mixpanel, FACEIT has been able to address and improve key metrics in its core acquisition and retention funnels. Looking ahead, Maria Laura and her team will continue using Mixpanel’s new Flows feature and BigQuery integration to drive player retention. FACEIT is always quick to adopt Mixpanel’s new feature releases, as experimenting and trying new approaches helps them stay ahead of the curve.


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