Hole19 doubles app store reviews and onboarding conversions with Mixpanel - Mixpanel

Innovative, all-in-one golf app, Hole19, doubles app store reviews and onboarding conversions with Mixpanel.

With Mixpanel, we were able to learn about our users and how they behaved in the app. Based on those insights, we made data-driven decisions that informed product, engineering, and marketing.

Catarina Almeida, Head of Growth, Hole19

Hole19 is building innovative tools to help golfers discover new courses, track game stats, and connect with the biggest golfing community through a social layer. The Hole19 community unites one million golfers, logging five million rounds of golf played on the app.

To grow, Hole19 needed to identify which in-app behaviors correlated with being a power user. With this insight, Hole19 could encourage the right users to rate their app.

  • Drive brand advocates to rate the app
  • Achieve long term retention by building a successful onboarding process
  • Build a data informed culture
  • Leverage in-app notifications to drive app store reviews
  • Use Funnels to identify drop-off points in the onboarding flow
  • Increase accountability by necessitating data informed decision-making
  • 2x increase in app store ratings
  • 100% improvement on first-step conversion in onboarding
  • 4 teams using Mixpanel
Why Hole19 Chose Mixpanel

When initially looking at analytics solutions, Catarina Almeida, Head of Growth and Engagement at Hole19, found that most options could not blend analysis with the ability to act on newfound insights. Mixpanel, however, empowered Hole19 to turn data into the intelligence necessary to foster an active community of golfers. Additionally, in Mixpanel, Hole19 found a solution that allowed every team to access the data, no matter their organization or job function.

Doubling Reviews & Onboarding Conversion

By targeting in-app notifications by specific segments, the app could ask users to write a review and analyze which types of users responded. Experiencing an uptick on their Android app, they were then able to take this insight and replicate it on iOS. By using Segmentation and Notifications, Hole19 turned their most active users into their biggest advocates, improving their overall ratings and reputation as the premier golfing app within 30 days.

Additionally, the team increased onboarding conversion by 2X using Funnels to identify where drop-off occurred. Improving each stage of the funnel increased the number of users that input relevant information during onboarding from 25% to 50%.

Informing 4+ Teams with Customer Data

Hole19 has a culture where data helps drive decisions. Engineering follows user activity in Live View, which is really relevant for bug fixing. The Product team relies on behavior analysis to understand how users adopt new features. The Growth and Engagement team looks at data through People to figure out who to target for marketing and communication. Finally, Customer Support increases satisfaction by going deep into users’ activity and understanding their problems. Even the CEO uses Mixpanel every day!

What's next?

Each team’s goals are slightly different, and Mixpanel adapts uniquely to everyone’s needs. As a result of its ease of use, Mixpanel helps increase accountability, even with executives.

With Mixpanel, Hole19 is ushering the sport of golf into the digital age.