HomeAdvisor Choses Mixpanel for A/B Testing & Experimentation for Non-Developers - Mixpanel

HomeAdvisor, an online marketplace for home professionals, empowers their mobile team by using Mixpanel to run A/B tests and improve conversion rates.

Mixpanel made it easy for non-developers to create, launch, and measure a test.

Jill Seidel, Product Manager, Mobile

HomeAdvisor is the nation’s largest online marketplace for home professionals. HomeAdvisor’s web and mobile platform helps connect more than 30 million homeowners to the company’s network of over 85,000 home service and improvement professionals.

With so much demand, within two years of building their mobile app the team had outgrown their DIY A/B testing solution. Looking for an A/B testing tool that wouldn’t tax their 12-person team, they turned to Mixpanel.


  • Increase the number of people who submit service requests through the mobile app.
  • Build not only one-time requesters, but loyal customers.
  • Empower 12-person mobile app team to use Mixpanel to run A/B tests every time they make a small change.
  • Look at engagement within the app and customer satisfaction to reach a higher conversion rate.
Why HomeAdvisor Chose Mixpanel

On the hunt for a new mobile A/B testing tool, they were comparing Adobe, Optimizely and Mixpanel. In the words of Jill Seidel, Product Manager of the Mobile App team, “one of the biggest deciding factors on why we didn’t choose Adobe for mobile A/B testing was because it was very code heavy, so it would require a lot more work for our developers.” The team saw how easy Mixpanel made it for non-developers to create, launch and measure a test.

Jill continued, “as we continue to grow, it just made sense for us to choose Mixpanel.”

Driving Repeat Service Requests

The team’s objective is to increase the number of people submitting service requests through the mobile app. At the same time, they don’t want just one-time requesters, but recurring and loyal customers. In order to increase that number over time, Jill and her team measure the conversion rate of people who submit a service request, divided by the number of people who visit the app. To reach a higher conversion, the team looks at engagement within the app and customer satisfaction.

Arming Non-Technical Team Members

“Every time we make a UI change, no matter how small, it’s something we want to test first,” said Jill. “With our previous solution, setting up an A/B test would have occupied valuable developer time because they needed to be programmed into the code.”

Jill is now confident that she doesn’t have to consult with her team every time they need to make a small change. The smaller tweaks can be handled by anyone on the team, without a developer. As a result, the team has more time and resources to dedicate themselves to larger priorities that can have a bigger impact on the company

What's Next

The team looks forward to continuing to reduce time to insight for all members of the team, regardless of technical abilities. Additionally, they plan to use Mixpanel to measure the performance of in-depth feature tests, in order to learn more about what features should be added to the app.

With Mixpanel, we thought it would be nice to be able to focus on the future and the things we want to test, rather than just trying to figure out what all the data is really trying to tell us.

Jill Seidel, Product Manager, Mobile