Kaplan increases mobile app conversions by 40% - Mixpanel

For-profit education provider, Kaplan, uses Mixpanel to increase usage of its mobile app and optimize its sign-up flow.

40% increase in mobile conversions
20% increase in mobile users

With Mixpanel, we’re able to track and validate student perception and usage, to see whether the number of questions reviewed by students is going up, for example.

Jeff Sugar, Senior Director of Product, Kaplan Test Prep

As one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers, Kaplan is a for-profit corporation that provides services to colleges, universities, and businesses. The company is a leader in designing courses and instruction based on a learning engineering approach and operates in over 30 countries, supporting over 1K school districts, colleges, and universities, and over 10K businesses.


To stay ahead of the hundreds of other online tests prep products available, Kaplan Test Prep, a clear leader in tutoring for more than 100 standardized tests, works continuously to improve its digital practice environment. Part of what has successfully differentiated Kaplan Test Prep from other tools is its product team’s deep investment in data, analytics, and mobile. With smartphones playing such a huge role in students’ lives, mobile learning has rapidly become the norm. Using Mixpanel, the team aims to drive usage of its new mobile app with relevant content, understand and optimize the sign-up flow, and build retention with helpful messaging.


Mixpanel was selected as the primary data source for Kaplan Test Prep’s mobile app on iOS and Android. “We saw immediate value in Mixpanel after trying and implementing it on our app,” said Jeff Sugar, Senior Director of Product at Kaplan Test Prep. With granular insights, the Kaplan Test Prep team has replaced guesswork with data-informed decision making that facilitates innovative and substantive change. Kaplan Test Prep’s mobile app has attracted thousands of more student prospects and increased the student conversion rate by over 40%. 

Improving the sign-up flow drives adoption

The team identified a major product gap in the sign-up flow using Mixpanel—the mobile app didn’t include options to sign up, only to log in. A simple Funnels report showed that adding a sign-up option to the app increased the mobile user acquisition rate by more than 20% within the first two months.

Prioritizing the right content & features

Mixpanel identifies what content is most likely to increase mobile usage. Based on the number of would-be customers searching for a given subject, the team decides what exams to prioritize. Additionally, Mixpanel helps eliminate features that distract from students’ learning. One discovery feature quickly revealed it wasn’t being used as designed, allowing the team to iterate accordingly.


Having successfully used Mixpanel to improve onboarding, conversions, and retention, Kaplan wants to extend Mixpanel usage throughout the organization. Jeff has prepared several videos to train his colleagues on key Mixpanel functions. These videos teach teams how to pull in data, how to use key reports including Segmentation and Explore, how to perform funnel analysis, and more. Now, teams can make informed decisions based on user behavior insights, and this is a fundamental factor in making Kaplan Mobile Prep a success.


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