The travel and activity booking website used Mixpanel’s messaging to increase bookings and retention.

Increase in long-term retention
Increase in bookings
More effective user experience

Founded in 2014, Klook is an online travel and activities company that has quickly expanded to over 100,000 offerings in more than 300 destinations worldwide. Its product team has empowered this growth by helping to attract and retain over 30 million visitors each month. Klook’s mobile user interface and experience have been applauded by Google Play and Apple App Store.


With its product managers doing a lot of qualitative research when building products, the team didn’t have a clear line of sight into product performance. Klook needed a way to make data-informed hypotheses, run tests on their experiments, and take action from the results in an effective way. 

“Generally, there are power users, and through data we can visualize the different patterns and pathways that these users take. By learning more about these power users, we know what aspects of the product to focus on, and where needs improvement.”

Samuel Lam, Product Manager at Klook

After implementing Mixpanel, Klook saw its value right away.

Confirming hypotheses

After running a Funnels report, product managers saw that usage of their activity recommendation tool was highly linked to users booking an excursion. With the goal of maximizing usage of the recommendation feature, the team ran A/B tests on UI variants, which led to a few minor tweaks, and ultimately resulted in an increase in growth.


Another hypothesis tested was to learn whether users wanted to see a specific trip again after previously viewing it. By designing an easy path for users to revisit the excursions they viewed earlier, conversions increased. Validating their theory meant that Klook could confidently move forward, using the best course of action.

Sending timely messaging

When Klook users complete a trip, they earn credits that can be applied to their next adventure. While reward points are a favorite feature, Mixpanel insights revealed that some users were not aware of the rewards program and were basically leaving money on the table.


Product Manager, Samuel Lam, theorized that by creating an email notification communicating how many credits customers have accumulated, the team could educate Klook customers about the rewards feature. The team’s goal was to create urgency for users to book a trip with their accrued credits. As a result of this messaging, Klook achieved an increase in long-term retention.


Using Mixpanel for the past three years has been key for the product managers to see if everything is performing as it should. With Mixpanel, Klook has the foresight to make changes, preventing any serious impacts from occurring. 


Going forward, Klook has plans to meet the worldwide demand for adventures and excursions by expanding into new markets in Europe. One key approach to reaching more customers is for Klook to optimize their mobile app and offer tons of unique features. The team’s excited to continue using Mixpanel tools to gain additional insights regarding user behaviors as they continue to expand their scope.


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