Intigral provides digital entertainment and sports solutions for telecommunications companies such as STC, Via Bahrain, Viva Kuwait, and Awasr Oman, allowing them to open new revenue opportunities and create rich consumer engagement channels. To help their customers get the most value out of their partnership, Intigral wanted to learn how to better engage their customers’ subscribers who use their video streaming solutions. They thought if they could send messages to viewers alerting them to an upcoming show or videos of interest, they could increase retention.

Why Intigral Digital Chose Mixpanel

When Intigral launched, there was no way to get a cross-platform view of their customers, therefore they primarily used Google Analytics to track their users on web, Flurry for mobile usage, and Pushwoosh to send messages. This limited their potential to engage viewers because it made it impossible to not only to get real-time insights on users, but also send messages that could be read in real-time. Intigral could only reach viewers via emails, which wasn’t ideal since their viewers weren’t opening their emails right away, if at all. They were left with a 3% open rate and no impact on engagement or retention following messaging.

“Because we were streaming real-time matches, we needed real-time insights and visibility of our customers,” said Ahsan Ali, Analytics Expert at Intigral. They began their search for a new messaging and analytics provider, and from the companies included in an evaluation, found that Mixpanel could fulfill all the roles formerly performed by Google Analytics, Flurry, and Pushwoosh. As a result of minimizing the tools needed to engage users, Intigral was able to collect all data and insights on customers in one, central hub. On top of that, they were able to get the real-time insights and messaging they needed to achieve their goal of user retention.

Business Improvements with Mixpanel

Real-Time Insights Fuel Retention Strategy

Before Mixpanel, Intigral had to wait hours to dig into metrics on some of their most important reports. Now, before a match starts, Intigral can see in real-time exactly how many people are using their application or trying to access content in the hour leading up to the match going live. As a result, they’re able to launch highly targeted messaging that appeal to viewer interests.

Real-Time Push Notifications Alert Users to Content They Care About

One of the first things Ahsan and his team did after implementing Mixpanel was to dig into why viewers weren’t engaging with their messaging through Pushwoosh. They hypothesized that it was because emails weren’t read in real-time, the messages were mostly irrelevant by the time they were read. They determined that by sending real-time messages, they could grow their readership and viewership. This hypothesis turned out to be right, and Intigral made a huge impact by switching to Mixpanel’s messaging features.

Mixpanel not only provided real-time analytics, but the ability to send push notifications right away. Intigral was able to share push notifications saying “this match is starting in 30 minutes,” which increased the average open rate of from 3% to 19%.

“On top of the power of real-time messaging, Mixpanel gave us the ability to target specific users groups based on activity patterns, behavioral data, and more. This helped us increase open rates by 16% and allowed us to retain between 10–14% of targeted inactive users per message.” – Ahsan Ali

“Mixpanel’s messaging features are really exciting. We can see when people are using features or watching live matches in the app, and then send them messages with updates catered to which team interests them. This sort of thing was very difficult before. The ability to engage a highly-targeted userbase in real time has been a game changer.” - Ahsan Ali, Analytics Expert, Intigral

What’s next?

Looking ahead, Intigral is excited to continue using Mixpanel to optimize their product, Jawwy TV. “When we launched Jawwy TV with Mixpanel, we went crazy and tracked everything we could,” said Ahsan. Since they are past the launch phase and have built up a venerable amount of content usage data, they’re focused on mining it for insights to build better customer experiences based on their findings.