Shift is part of a startup division within Redbrick, a Victoria-based software company. By unifying users’ messaging platforms, apps and email accounts, Shift is able to streamline workflows for consumers and businesses. With a foundation in software development, Redbrick initially built their analytics solution for Shift in-house. They soon realized they needed more power and flexibility.

Nadia Tatlow, General Manager at Shift, wanted a solution that could work for the whole team. She enlisted help from Shift’s Director of Product, Michael Foucher, to identify a solution.

Why Shift Chose Mixpanel

When Michael started playing around with Mixpanel’s self-service offering, he was very impressed by the ease of setup. Within days, he had enough data to run reports and generate compelling insights on his users. Soon after, Michael was leveraging Mixpanel’s machine learning and correlation analysis reports to learn even more about why the numbers he cared about moved. Within four months, Mixpanel had become an integral part of Shift’s product and marketing workflow.

“Being able to see the whole user lifecycle, and then go back and determine which campaign attracted them, allows you to slowly build a narrative around every type of user. Our market is really broad, so knowing we appeal to anyone with two or more email accounts was huge for us in driving growth.” - Nadia Tatlow, General Manager at Shift

Business improvements with Mixpanel

Signal reveals a North Star Metric for purchase

With the goal of increasing the number of users upgrading to a paid plan, Michael needed to identify a North Star Metric to help him drive users to purchase. He was about to hire a data scientist when he noticed Mixpanel’s Signal report had enough data to run correlation analysis. It took him no time at all to run the report and identify his North Star. “We, of course, had ideas that we thought would be potential purchase signals. As it turned out, one of our guesses — setting up multiple email accounts — was right, but we needed data to confirm that instinct before putting resources behind it.”

Optimizing campaigns against Signal’s finding

Following this discovery, Marketing and Product worked together to reduce blockers preventing someone from adding two accounts. Additionally, using customers who completed the North Star behavior, Nadia built lookalike audiences for her Facebook and Google campaigns. As Nadia said “there are 1.5 billion Gmail users who could use Shift, and could manage one email account or two. Having these lookalike audiences helped us focus on the right people a lot faster than we would have without that as our conversion point.” As a result of these highly targeted campaigns, Shift was able to grow their paying user base by 700% within four months of implementing Mixpanel.

What’s Next?

Shift’s Product and Marketing departments continue to look to Mixpanel on a daily basis to catch trends and shifts in user behavior. They are looking forward to relying on Signal to surface insights on how to attract more users so that they can continue their 10X YoY growth as they enter 2019.