A branch of Hubert Burda Media, TV Spielfilm LIVE was one of the first to launch a TV streaming service in Germany. While launching a digital subscription, the team knew they would need strong analytics to help them hit their goals.

Carina Schwarzmueller, Business Intelligence Manager & Analyst at TV Spielfilm LIVE, was put in charge of creating the team’s data infrastructure to provide insights that would drive growth. She enlisted the help of Finc3, an analytics and performance marketing consulting company, and one of Mixpanel’s Premier Solution Partners. With Finc3’s help, Carina and her team learned what KPI’s matter most for streaming services, and as a result, they were able to work towards their goals with a clear sense of direction for their lean team.

Why TV Spielfilm LIVE & Finc3 Chose Mixpanel

Finc3 advised TV Spielfilm LIVE to choose Mixpanel because they needed reliability in cross-platform user tracking to understand viewership across their website, mobile apps, and smart TV apps. Mixpanel proved a strong fit and neatly tied together all interactions under one user ID. With a complete view of their users’ interactions across devices, they were able to drive additional streams and increase the likelihood of free users converting to paid.

"We feel like Mixpanel is one of our key tools, because it gives us focus and the ability to dial in on the metrics and initiatives that can make the biggest impact on our business.” - Carina Schwarzmueller, Business Intelligence Manager / Business Analyst at TV Spielfilm LIVE

User experience improvements with Mixpanel

Optimizing the free-to-paid conversion funnel

Initially, TV Spielfilm LIVE had two kinds of products: a free tier with gated content, and a premium tier that was free for the first month and €9.99 every month after. They discovered in their Mixpanel funnel report that premium users use the product more often and for a longer time frame than free users. So the premium product offers much more value to the customer and is a real alternative to classical cable TV.

This realization allowed them to deprioritize the free tier and reallocate funds and resources to the paid tier, a decision that turned out to have a ton of added value. Their paid user base grew by 15% without the free tier causing users to drop off, and the rate of first-time visitors purchasing a subscription nearly doubled. The team was also able to redeploy resources to focus on improving the paid channel.

Driving streams per user with catered content

By examining their total streams in Insights, the team saw that sports and news shows were outperforming other content. What’s more, users who were in their one-month free trial were more likely to be retained if they were watching sports and news content. Based on these discoveries, they adjusted their content portfolio, adding two new channels, both of which became huge hits. As a result, the team’s streams per user have increased.

What’s next?

TV Spielfilm LIVE will be using Signal to learn what metrics are indicative of potential churn for their paid subscribers. They will look at key metrics like the number of streams, the duration of time watched, and the number of devices used. “We are really excited to do more with Mixpanel,” said Carina, “and Finc3 has been an invaluable source of knowledge as we continue to scale.”