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Special Properties

Updated Jan. 23, 2013

We reserve some properties that are common to all users so we can provide more sophisticated analysis and a more intuitive interface. Here is an example usage of the $email, $first_name, and $last_name special properties.

    $email: 'jsmith@email.com',
    $first_name: 'John',
    $last_name: 'Smith'

Here's a list of all the special properties:

Property Usage
$country_code, $region, $city The user's country, region, and city. You should not explicitly set these. Their values are automatically set by looking up IP in a geolocation database.

Note: If you are sending People data through the HTTP API, you'll need to manually set "$ip" or we will default to the IP of your servers. "$ip" should be included on the outside of the "$set" dictionary.
$created The date the user signed up.
mixpanel.people.set({ $created: new Date(2012, 6, 11, 12, 30, 0) });
$email This property is used whenever you send emails to your users from Mixpanel.
mixpanel.people.set({ $email: 'jsmith@email.com' });
mixpanel.people.set({ $first_name: 'John' });
mixpanel.people.set({ $last_name: 'Smith' });
$name Can be used as an alternative to $first_name and $last_name.
mixpanel.people.set({ $name: 'John Smith' });
$username The username of a given user.
mixpanel.people.set({ $username: 'JSmith' });