Funnels let you see where you lose customers

When users try an application, they may get confused. Funnel analysis helps you identify where people drop off so you can increase your conversion rates.

See how it works

It's a funnel, not rocket science

Funnels are a way to visually measure how customers move through any series of events. Creating a funnel in Mixpanel is as simple as choosing an event.

Simply choose events in a sequence

Other analytics tools ask you to set variables or rules, use fancy syntax, or fill in complicated forms. Just tell Mixpanel each event you want to track and you're done.

Answer questions about the
past with retroactive funnels

Funnels never need to be defined ahead of time, so you have the flexibility to measure different flows as soon as you think of them. Simply select any number of events and instantly create a report that uses all of your historical data.

Even better, clicking between funnel steps will display the history between any two steps. This is a shortcut to see if progress is being made between steps over time.

Historical trend graph
between two steps

See how fast people will convert

Sometimes you need to know if people are completing an important path of your application in the time you expect them to. For example, you can understand if people are not uploading a picture as soon as they sign up. Funnels give you control to really understand when, not just where, you’re losing users.

Learn how specific groups of users convert

Funnels let you see how a complex group of your users may be dropping off. You may want to see how active users use your product but who an active user is differs for each company.

For example, a music playing app might define an active user as someone who plays a song, adds items to a playlist, and searches for music. Custom events solve this problem because they're flexible enough to let you define a group of users however you'd like.

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