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Data management

Keep data
clean and usable

Define, manage, and transform your data easily. By creating a trustworthy foundation with plenty of context about the user actions you track, anyone can do accurate analysis and make sound decisions with data.

Define events,
properties, & cohorts
Fix duplicate &
inaccurate data
Enrich data
with CSV uploads

Enable data democratization

Data can be messy, but Mixpanel tools help you remove the clutter. Merge duplicate events, delete what you don’t need, and add descriptions that enable people throughout the company to analyse with confidence.

Try It With Sample Data

The ability to understand what different data points represent is critical to data democratization across our teams. Mixpanel has made it easy for us to manage our data so we can change event names and definitions as needed, and clean up implementation issues without requiring engineering resources.

Tom Markworth Sr. Director of Product
Lookup tables

Enrich data within Mixpanel

Upload any missing data to Mixpanel, link it to existing events or people properties, and use it to power ad-hoc analysis and answer the toughest product questions you have.

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Schemas API

Follow your tracking plan to a T

Ensure your implementation is in line with your tracking plan by automatically syncing metadata, like names and descriptions, for all the events and properties you track with Mixpanel. Or, import schemas directly from tools like Segment Protocols, mParticle Data Plans, Iteratively, and Avo.

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Control data access with ease

Create filtered data views within a single project to keep your implementation clean. Ensure teams see only the data relevant to them and classify data as sensitive to provide access to only those who need it.

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Build better products

Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.