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Limitless segmentation

Analyze why metrics change

Understanding the hidden patterns beneath a trend is key to taking your product in the right direction. Mixpanel specialises in ad-hoc analysis that gets to the root of your problems and opportunities. And it's fast and simple for anyone.

Segment on any attribute,
cohort, or action
Dive deeper to uncover
engagement drivers
Save interesting segments
for use in any report

hidden trends

Break down any type of analysis by any event or user property, such as operating system or location. Add and change breakdowns until you get the details you need to improve your product. All this is possible in real time, without any precomputation.

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report segmentation

There’s a lot of cultural difference in how people use the app. We break down down as much as we can and try to understand users based on their behaviour, not the average behaviour.

Idan Dadon Product Manager

Group users in ways that matter to you

Mixpanel lets you define what constitutes a core, power, and casual user, and conduct analysis on your own terms. Visualise differences in cohort behaviours and analyze how these differences affect engagement, conversion, and retention—quickly and easily.


Transform your data to get more insights

Mixpanel's Modeling Layer empowers anyone to create custom properties using Excel-like formulas. You can merge existing property values or create new properties based on user activity to perform the most sophisticated analysis.

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