Innovate faster with app retention analysis

Learn what brings new users to your apps and how to keep them engaged and retained over time.

Boost retention by optimizing the parts of your app that keep users engaged.



See what keeps your users coming back

Understand how to increase retention by surfacing the parts of your mobile app that keep users engaged, or comparing behaviors of different user groups. Focus your efforts on optimizing the features that need improvement, or driving adoption of the ones that boost engagement.

A Retention report showing a notification alerting of an interesting segment. For example, users that were Facebook referrals retain 17% worse than the average retention rate for 7 weeks
Automatic Segmentation

Surface unexpected trends in retention

Let Mixpanel comb through your data to find interesting segments of users, like iPhone users in New York who convert 40% more (or less) than the rest of your user base.

Data you can trust

Get granular data on your users and how they use your app. Go deep in analyzing that data and keep track of your KPIs with out-of-the-box reports.

Deep user analysis

Take your analysis a step further with data models that predict user actions, identify behavioral correlations, and alert you when important metrics change.

Influence user behavior

Identify the users you should focus on to boost your KPIs and nudge them with targeted messages or A/B tests based on real-time behaviors.