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Mixpanel for B2B

Go beyond analyzing individual user behaviors by grouping data by account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business. Answer questions about account health, calculate the lifetime value of your assets, drive enterprise adoption, and more.

accounts-company analysis

Measure and improve the health of your accounts

Understand what an engaged account looks like compared to an at-risk account and get a holistic view of the health of your business. Dig into the actual features keeping accounts engaged and see which accounts might supplemental adoption campaigns.


Learn why certain accounts are retained better

Some users, like the engineers who implement a SaaS tool, may churn from your product after setup—and that’s not a bad thing. By looking at retention by account, you’ll see which accounts have retained users, so your results aren’t influenced by natural user churn. Or, see which accounts are most highly retained, broken out by account rep or industry.


Set conditional targeting based on group behavior

After discovering a technical issue in a batch of devices from a new supplier, you can create a cohort of users who’ve purchased a defective device in the last 30 days. Send them a targeted email with a note about installing a software update to get ahead of the problem.


Track asset or device activity for better forecasting

Measure the average number of times a venue gets booked each month, how often a POS system needs to be serviced, or how many accounts use your phones each week. Leverage that insight to help you forecast usage or hardware production and understand the lifetime of each asset.

Flexible analysis

Choose up to six different ways to group your data.

Start immediately

Setup is easy, and we’ll backfill your data so you can get started right away.

Easy maintenance

No need for separate projects, simply toggle between the entity you’d like to analyze—all in one project.

Get started

Contact sales to get a demo of Mixpanel for B2B or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set it up. Learn more about how it works.