Innovate faster with mobile analytics

Learn how to build mobile apps that keep users engaged and retained over time. Use that insight to grow your user base.


Use granular behavioral data to build the optimal user experience



Easily visualize and segment your data

Get to the root cause of why a KPI, like in-app purchases, is trending up or down. Segment the data any way you want, so you know where to dig deeper.

Anomaly Explanations
Anomaly detection

Get notified when KPIs change unexpectedly

Get alerted if a key metric, like iOS downloads or app logins, changes out of the blue. Take action quickly to resolve unexpected issues, or monitor a sudden spike in activity.


Real-time data you can trust

Get granular data on who your users are and how they use your mobile app. Go deep in analyzing that data and keep track of your KPIs with out-of-the-box reports.


Powerful analytics

Take your analysis a step further with data models that predict user actions, identify behavioral correlations, and alert you when important metrics change.


Messaging and experimentation

Identify the users you should focus on to boost your KPIs and nudge them with targeted messages or A/B tests based on real-time behaviors.