Innovate faster with product analytics

Build products and features people love by deeply understanding your users.


Get to the root cause of why your users behave the way they do


Tracking Cohorts in Mixpanel
Advanced cohort analysis

Compare how groups of users behave

Understand how different groups of users interact with your product. Learn which features appeal to certain user groups, and where to focus your product adoption efforts.

Custom alerts

Get notified when product KPIs change

Set custom KPIs, like DAU or in-app purchases, and get alerted if they change unexpectedly. Take action quickly to flag the bug that’s causing the drop, or capitalize on the sudden influx of users.


Drive product adoption, stickiness, and user LTV

Perform deep & quick analysis, and track onboarding and purchase flows to see where users fall off.


Understand trends to increase retention

Visualize how often users return and engage with your product to understand the key indicators of churn.


Get instant, in-depth insights

Build products faster and get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had by having insights surfaced automatically with our machine learning algorithms.