Uncover patterns in user behavior and finally move the needle

Get the deepest insights in engagement, retention, and conversion.

Understand how to keep your users happy and engaged

Innovation happens when you listen deeply to your customers. Mixpanel empowers anyone to learn how customers engage with their digital products and experiences. With user behavior knowledge in the hands of every person, it’s easy to make smarter decisions on a daily basis, find opportunities for innovation, and accelerate company growth.

Experiment and build better products, faster.

Keep up with customer expectations by constantly learning and improving your products with real-time user insights.

Acquire and keep more customers.

Understand conversion at a deeper level by measuring which campaigns drive users to a desired action. Identify and target specific groups with messages based on the actions they’ve taken.

Empower teams to self-serve answers.

Identify KPIs at the leadership level, enable each team to impact them, and measure how they change in real-time with analytics integrated into the organization’s workflows.