Innovate with website analytics

Visualize how users flow through your website, what drives them through your conversion funnel, and why they drop off. Then use those insights to grow your business and improve KPIs.


Build a website that that drives users to convert, and keeps them coming back.


Funnels report showing how many users converted in a specific time period

Monitor and improve conversion rates

Understand how to optimize the entire conversion flow on your website, by pinpointing where users drop off and why. Run A/B tests to nudge more users through the funnel, and measure the impact in Mixpanel.

Customer journey flows

Visualize how users navigate your website

Choose an event, like “add item to cart” or “download ebook” and visualize all the different paths users take through your site to get to that point, and the actions they take afterward.

A Retention report showing a notification alerting of an interesting segment. For example, users that were Facebook referrals retain 17% worse than the average retention rate for 7 weeks
Automatic segmentation

Pinpoint the users driving metrics up or down

Automatically surface the segments of users, like users referred from Facebook or those on mobile browsers, who convert significantly better or worse than others. Use that insight to adjust your ad budget or allocate your developer resources accordingly.


Accurate, real-time data

Get accurate customer and product data, including notifications when a KPI spikes or dips unexpectedly, in real-time across your website.


In-depth analysis

Identify trends and pinpoint their root cause. Through correlation analysis, look-alike modeling, and other data science techniques, find out what makes someone more likely to convert, or what keeps users retained 2 months later on your website.


Immediate action

Target users based on their actions or demographics with customized in-app messages or emails. Nudge them to complete a purchase, create an account, or simply to re-engage them, and then track the results in Mixpanel.