Innovate faster with website statistics

Get detailed data on why users convert and engage across your website, so you know how to grow your business.


Define, analyze and improve custom KPIs for your website


User Flows

Visualize how users navigate your website

See the different paths users take to reach a goal action, like “Complete Purchase”, or the actions they take after landing on your website from a social post. Spot where users drop out of the funnel, so you know how to drive them towards the end.

Events in Insights Report

Compare how different groups of users behave

Go deep in analyzing how user groups behave, so you can optimize your ad budget, refine the audiences you want to target and understand which parts of your website attract certain users.


Accurate, real-time data

No matter what information is important to your business, get accurate customer and product data in real-time across your website.


In-depth analysis

Identify trends and understand why those trends are happening. Through correlation analysis, look-alike modeling, and other data science techniques, find out why users will likely engage, retain, and convert on your website.


Immediate action

Target users based on their actions or demographics with customized in-app messages or emails. Nudge them to complete a purchase, create an account, or simply to re-engage them, and then track the results in Mixpanel.