How many data points do I have?

You can see how many data points you have and have used on your account page.

What is a data point?

Whenever an event is fired and sent to Mixpanel, that is considered a data point. For example, if you are tracking the event "Purchase Item" and a customer makes a purchase, that is one data point. If customers using your application purchase 215 items, you've just sent Mixpanel 215 data points.

Properties do not count toward your data point total. You can send up to 255 properties with any event at no additional cost. Similarly, properties sent to the People tool are not counted toward your data point total either.

What is a people profile?

A people profile is counted every time you start to track an individual customer's behavior on your site using People Analytics. The number of profiles you are allowed under your subscription is analogous to the number of customers you are tracking. In order to start tracking this behavior you need to call a people property (in js this is mixpanel.people.set) and identify a customer. If you do not make this call, you won't be tracking that user in People Analytics and you will not be using one of your people profiles.

You can see how many people profiles (customers) you have and have used on your account page.

Are data points the same thing as people profiles?

No. People Analytics and Engagement Analytics are separate products. Data points apply to Engagement Analytics Subscriptions. People profiles apply to People Analytics Subscriptions.

Getting more data points or people profiles

You can purchase more data points on our pricing page while logged in. If you need more then what is available publicly on our pricing page, please email with an inquiry.