Special or reserved properties

Special properties for events

  • distinct_id A way to uniquely identify your users. You can set this to any value or use the Javascript call mixpanel.identify("Username here") or we will assign a random distinct_id.
  • ip The ip address of the client. If distinct_id is not present, this IP will be used for uniqueness.
  • mp_name_tag This is deprecated.
  • mp_note This is deprecated.
  • token The token used to associate data you send Mixpanel to your account and project.
  • time A unix time epoch that is used to determine the time of an event. If no time property is provided, we will use the time the event arrives at our servers.
  • mp_country_code A two letter country code representing the geolocation of the user.
  • length Incompatible with Mixpanel's JavaScript library
  • campaign_id Used to build message funnels

Special properties for Mixpanel People records

  • Email ($email) - The user's email address. You must set this property if you want to send users email from Mixpanel People.
  • Phone ($phone) - The user's phone number. You must set this property if you want to send users SMS from Mixpanel People.
  • $distinct_id The user's distinct_id. This property value should be identical to the distinct_id property attached to events so that you can connect events to people records.
  • $ios_devices List of user's Apple Push Notification service device tokens for iOS push. Our iOS client library has methods to manage this property for you.
  • $android_devices List of user's Google Cloud Messaging registration IDs for Android push. Our Android client library has methods to manage this property for you.
  • $first_name, $last_name, $name User's first and last names, as well as a general name. These are primarily useful because we will use them, if available, in a few spots in our reports.
  • City ($city) - The city of the event sender, parsed from IP.
  • Region ($region) - The region (state or province) of the event sender, parsed from IP.
  • Country ($country_code) - The country of the event sender, parsed from IP.
  • Timezone ($timezone) - The timezone of the event sender, parsed from IP. If set, messages can be scheduled to be sent based on a user's timezone.
  • Unsubscribed ($unsubscribed) - If this property is set to any value, a user will be unsubscribed from Mixpanel email messages.

Limitations on Property Names

Pick your property names wisely. Once you've sent them to Mixpanel, there is no way to change them. Feel free to use capitalization and spaces in between words.

There are a few limitations:

  • Your property names should not begin with $ or mp_. These properties are reserved for special properties sent by Mixpanel.
  • Your property names cannot begin or end with a space as they will automatically be trimmed.
  • Your property names and value cannot be longer than 255 characters. In practice they should be much shorter than that. Property names get cut off by our user interface at about 20 characters.

Default properties

A complete list of default properties for our JavaScript, iOS, and Android libraries can be found here.