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Introductory Webinar

Who is this for? New Mixpanel users

When is it? Every other Tuesday at 11 a.m. PST

Register for the next 45-minute live presentation

Why should I register? The webinar is very interactive and we pause frequently to take live questions from the audience. Come join us!

I can't make it! Watch the abbreviated recordings below, and reach out to support@mixpanel.com with any questions

Part 1: People (11m29s)

Part 2: Reports (20m28s)

Part 3: Setup, Autotrack (Brief) & Smart Alerts (5m31s)

Autotrack Webinar: Point & Click Editor

Who is this for? Users who want to learn all the details of the Autotrack Point & Click Editor

The webinar is no longer live, please enjoy this abbreviated (16m53s) recording instead!

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