What should I track?

With Mixpanel you choose the events you want to track. This way you can be sure that you are focusing on relevant and actionable metrics that will help you grow your business. When you are deciding what events to track, ask yourself the following questions:

What are my business's goals?

Every event you track should give you actionable insights that tie back your business goals. Let's say you are an online dating site. One of your business goals is probably be to get folks to go out on dates!

What are the steps my customers have to take for me to achieve this goal?

Dates on online dating sites don't just happen. Before a customer has to go on a date there are a number of actions they have to take, which could include:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Update their dating profile
  3. Search for matches
  4. Send a message to a potential match
  5. Receive a reply from a potential match

There are probably more than this, however they are good example of the types of events a dating site should track. They have a direct relationship with the end goal (people going on dates), they are easy to measure (you can fire these events programmatically as the user performs those actions in your application) and give actionable insights into how consumers are engaging with the product.

Use human friendly names

If I were to send an event whenever anyone sent a message to a potential match on my website, the Javascript tag would look like this:

mixpanel.track("Sent Message to Match");

The text Sent Message to Match will be the event name that displays in Mixpanel. Developers implementing Mixpanel are sometimes tempted to use camel case, underscores, or obscure function names. We recommend choosing names that are easy to understand yet also convey the precise meaning for the event.

More resources on choosing your events

  • Developer documentation can help you install Mixpanel and get up running so you can answer important questions you have about your product.
  • Mixpanel for Pirates is a great blog post describing ways to choose events to measure user acquisition, activation, retention and revenue.
  • Igal Perelman's Office Hours Talk is a deep dive into how Voxer's head of Product Management structured their events to accurately understand their users as they were acquired, activated and retained
  • Mixpanel Support is always happy to consult with you on what events you should be tracking.