Getting Started

Welcome to Mixpanel

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Instead of measuring page views, it helps you analyze the actions people take in your application. An action can be anything – someone uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post, for example.

Focus on user actions

Mixpanel’s strength is its ability to directly answer business questions and provide actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and achieve specific goals. By focusing on the actions users take, you can glean valuable insights that go much deeper than surface level metrics. Using Mixpanel, you can identify trends and engage with users throughout the customer lifecycle.

For most businesses, the hardest step is figuring out which actions to track with Mixpanel. There are many useful analytics frameworks to consider when deciding exactly what metrics to track, but we recommend Pirate Metrics, which assigns every key question and goal to one of the following stages: Acquisition - Activation - Retention - Revenue - Referral (that’s AARRR for short).

When getting started, don't try to address every aspect of AARRR right away. Instead, decide:

  • What is your one most important business goal?
  • What is one critical question that comes out of that goal that you could answer using data?
  • What user actions should you track to answer that question?

Over time, build up your analytics by repeating this process, coming up with more goals and questions, and adding more user actions to track.

Choose a goal

To help hone in on your goal and the one question you want to answer using Mixpanel, here are some examples of business goals and questions in the context of AARRR. Again, for now, start with one question that falls under any of these categories (here, we’ve provided one for each just as an example). Once you’ve implemented Mixpanel to answer your first question, choose a second or a third and repeat this exercise as you grow:

  • Acquisition:
    • Goal: Optimize marketing spend based on highest converting channels.
    • Question: Which marketing channel do most of my active users come from?
  • Activation:
    • Goal: Ensure > 90% profile completion for all registered users.
    • Question: Who is not completing profile setup? Where are they getting stuck?
  • Retention:
    • Goal: Uncover "stickiest" product features and identify who is using them.
    • Question: What is the most frequently used part of my product?
  • Revenue:
    • Goal: Identify least profitable customers and target them with discounts.
    • Question: What drives user purchase behavior and how can we influence that behavior?
  • Referral:
    • Goal: Analyze users that have referred in the past and target similar users who might also be likely to refer.
    • Question: How can I incentivize current users to refer new users?

Create a tracking plan

We recommend starting a tracking plan which you can easily share with others that presents the goal and question you outlined above. From there, you can clearly outline what you need to track to achieve these goals so your developer can implement Mixpanel in a way that addresses your business question. Read more about tracking plans and see sample tracking plans.

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