Mixpanel University

Learn how to implement and use Mixpanel to engage, convert, and keep your customers.

Powerful segmentation

Mixpanel provides the most advanced way to slice & dice your data.

Stay out of Excel

Formulas helps you stay out of Excel and do basic mathematical operations to analyze your data.

See who your customers are

People Analytics allows you to dive deep into a person's profile to see who they are and what they did.

See if your users come back

Retention is a new metric that can help identify if your application is bleeding users.

Improve your conversion rates

Learn how to use our simple and flexible funnel analysis.

Take action on your data

Notifications lets you automatically send targeted notifications to your customers and prove that they really worked.

Measure customer revenue

What is the lifetime value of a customer? Knowing this enables you to acquire more customers while remaining profitable.

Direct customer feedback

Put an end to the guessing games. With Surveys, you can get instantaneous customer feedback straight from the source.

Broadcast important messages

In-app notifications allow you to broadcast important messages to your customers.

Mobile A/B testing

A/B testing gives you the power to test your idea like a science experiment without a new release to the app store.


Predict lets you know which of your users are going to convert, or not, before they do.


Write powerful queries to analyze your data in Mixpanel.