People analytics
helps you understand &
re-engage your customers

Imagine being able to understand who your users are,
see what they do before or after they sign up,
re-engage them with notifications, and dig deep into
your customer revenue. Now it's possible, all in one
place, with People Analytics.

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Learn who your users are with profiles

Mixpanel enables you to tie your company's data to your users to see who they are, what they
have done in your app, and to give you a powerful and flexible way to communicate with them using it.

Customizable Profiles

Build customizable profiles of your customers

Customer Profiles

Manually create your own customer profiles

Activity feed lets you know how
people use your product

Activity Feed helps you understand the path people take while using your app before or after they have signed up. You'll be able to improve your product just by watching a timeline of their actions. Learn more

Notifications that get your
customers to come back

Take action on the surprising things you learn using Mixpanel. Now, you can set up ways to automatically send emails, push notifications, and in-app messages to your customers based on who they are and what they have done. Notifications can help you drive engagement back to your app or broadcast important updates about your company. Learn more

Predict reveals who will convert
or not, before they do

Use Predict to learn whether your app's users will convert. You can define what converting means for your company. And automatically send marketing notifications based on their likelihood of conversion. For example, a photo sharing company may want to know who will eventually take a picture five times. Or who won't, so they can nudge them to. Predict lets you take action on things before it's too late.

“We compared Mixpanel Predict's A and B graded leads to our actual sales pipeline and were amazed by how accurate it was.”
Michael Sharkey
CEO & Co-founder, Autopilot HQ

Instant, powerful analytics for
your entire customer base

Mixpanel's power lies in giving you the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines, showing for example "number of people who signed up" over time. Mixpanel goes further by enabling you to draw correlations, analyze cohorts of customers, visualize data in unique ways, and see how your experiments have gone.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes

Mixpanel has an SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile.
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