Prove customers value
your app with retention

If customers find an app valuable, they will keep using it. That's what retention can help you figure out. Retention reports visualize how often your customers return and engage with your application. You can use this data to track and measure if the changes you make to your app increase customer retention.

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Find out if new users love your product

Your product is constantly trying to improve but it's hard to tell if the changes you're making are better or worse. Mixpanel can tell you if more new users that try your product each day, week, or month are coming back after you add or improve features.

For example, it can tell you how many new users who signed up came back the next week to play a video again. Retention will give you analytics insight that helps make your product better so your business grows faster. No more leaky buckets.

“Loving the cohort analysis feature in @mixpanel.
Shows us the proportion of users who signed up on a
particular day that we've retained.”

Ricky Robinson

Answer the hard questions that will tell you something surprising

Mixpanel's power lies in giving you the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. You'll be able to dig deep into your data by slicing and dicing it in advanced ways.

For example, you could learn how many new mobile users came back to use your product, broken down by your mobile ad campaigns. Even with questions like that, you'll just be getting started with the kinds of questions you'll be able to find the answer to.

You made an addictive product.
Learn how frequently people use it.

Mixpanel lets you find out how addicted people are to your product. By measuring engagement, Mixpanel will figure out how frequently people will use your app in a day, week, or month. For example, it can tell you that your users come back and watch videos 3 different hours in a day. And by being able to filter and segment, you'll get powerful insight into your data to find out why different groups of users are more addicted to your app than others.

7:15 AM

While commuting to work, Katie opens
the app and reads updates in her feed.

12:30 PM

At lunch, she revisits the app and
shares a funny news article.

8:00 PM

On her walk from her friend's house, she
shares a photo of tonight's gathering.

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