Understand your revenue as well as your product.

Revenue is the most important metric to assess your business’s performance. Use Mixpanel to measure how valuable your customers are, how groups of customers buy, and which customer segments produce the most revenue.

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Lifetime Value

Learn how valuable your
customers are.

Acquiring customers can be wasteful when you don’t know their value. Mixpanel enables you to make more money by measuring the value of your customers. Once you see the lifetime value of a customer, you will know how much you can spend to acquire more of them while remaining profitable. Use Mixpanel to drill down and better understand the value of each marketing channel.

Dig deeper

Where are your customers coming from?

You know that different groups of customers make purchases differently. Now you can see which demographics make up your most valuable customers, what kind of behavior leads to a purchase, and where to focus efforts to keep your customers.

Customer behavior

Watch how changes to your
product change your revenue.

Businesses constantly make improvements to their product without knowing which of these changes most impacts their bottom line. Mixpanel makes it easy to see if changes to your product leads to new customers spending more than old. Use Mixpanel to prove that changes to your product are worth the engineering, product and other company time, by attributing the revenue generated from each change. No more guessing; optimize development for your most valuable customer segments.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

Mixpanel has a simple SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile. Even if you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help at no extra cost.

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