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5 Steps to an Effective Growth Marketing Strategy

On-Demand | 46 Minutes

Good things come in fives: Queer Eye’s Fab Five; the Spice Girls; the Power Rangers. Next up on the list? The 5 steps to an effective growth marketing strategy.

Executing an agile growth marketing strategy, built on a test and iterate philosophy, that also hits at the individual level can seem daunting…or maybe even impossible. But fear not! Sam Larsen, Director of Growth at Mixpanel, and Garin Hobbs, Expert Personalization Strategist at Iterable, break it down into a tried-and-true framework that is structured, yet scalable. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to create a growth engine that is nimble and data-driven—something that is especially important as we’re all called to be attuned to each and every consumer need.

Watch on-demand and learn:

  • The 5 principles of a scalable growth marketing engine
  • What types of data and cues from your audience you should be leaning into
  • How to supercharge your efforts with analytics and insights


Sam Larsen Director of Growth @ Mixpanel

Garin Hobbs Expert Personalization Strategist @ Iterable

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